About Us

We believe in training...

We know how it can benefit you and your staff...over the last ten years we have seen individuals and organisations grow as a direct result of investing in their most powerful resource…their people.

Training can and will work when its managed correctly and our role is to do just that….manage your training process.

Established strongly for the past ten years in the Business, Enterprise, Community and Healthcare sector Total Training have a verifiable track record in the Irish training sector.

They have worked with key clients across a broad range of industry sectors and have moved the business into the online learing space offering clients training onsite, online or blended.

Our aim at Total Training is to provide you with a training progamme that will release your potenial and help you make a real difference in your workplace.

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Business Sector

We have combined two of our greatest passions..Enterprise & Learning..to develop a range of programmes to support business.

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Health Sector

We specialise in providing Information & Communications Technology Training (ICT Training) for the Health Care Sector in Ireland.

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General Public Sector

Advance your career and keep your skills up to date by completing an Online Course with us

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